WCKD – Can You Go Any Higher?
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In his new movie, “We Don’t Play,” Dan Marty is once again tackling the sports aspect of the NBA, this time with a film that takes the viewer inside the league for a look at the daily lives of players and how they juggle the pressures of being an NBA star. If you enjoyed “Office Space,” this movie is definitely worth seeing. With one of the best casts in Hollywood, along with some of the most hilarious scenes imaginable, the film is a quick, light-hearted look at what it’s like to be an NBA star. It’s true that the life of an NBA star involves many things beyond winning and losing, but Dan Marty’s humor will make watching the game even more enjoyable.

Many of the clips in the film are from the players’ personal lives, but the one thing that really brings the film to life is its cast of colorful characters. Playing the role of David Stern is Dan Martine’s finest role to date, and he brings the character’s onscreen persona to life on the big screen. Playing the part of David Stern is actually quite difficult, because it’s hard to imagine anyone else than Dan Martine in the role. The late Charles Bronson played the same role as David Stern in “icleary,” but the likeness between the two actors is nothing compared to Martine’s. Watching his eyes glaze over the chalkboard speech he has to give after receiving a technical foul midway through the movie, and his occasional meltdowns on the court are priceless.

The movie is also full of memorable scenes from the players’ personal lives, all interwoven together with clips from road games, locker room interviews, and other random moments. The Pacific Design Center showroom, which is the actual on-site studio where all these takes take place, is brilliantly shot throughout. The colors used are rich and vibrant, lending the pictures an authentic feel. The shots of the players during practice are some of the best you’ll ever see on an LCD screen, and they bring a genuine feeling of professionalism to the screen.

When the players are not on the court, the showroom is filled with photos from the players’ journey to the Pac-Con tournament, as well as pictures from other major tournaments and events. The background music is subtle, yet still recognizable, and adds to the experience. If you love movies, you’ll love this movie. In addition to being a great sports film, ” WCKD” is a great film as a travel show, a behind-the-scenes look at sports, and a terrific film for anyone interested in how certain professional athletes live out their lives.

It would be tough to top ” WCKD” for the best WCKD movie star. Dan Martine’s performance, along with those of Emmannuel Chriqi, Michael Kutsche, and Donny Hathway, makes this a great film, and the movie star turns out to be a really nice addition to any collection. Watching ” WCKD” is like being at the games with the players. For die hard fans, you should go see it right away; if you’re a casual fan you should catch it at some point, too.

It’s always great to get back to reality. Even if you don’t care about sports, this movie will make you appreciate just how great entertainment can be. No matter how big a fan you are, watching ” WCKD” will make you glad you could be anywhere other than on the hardwood court watching your favorite NBA, MLB, NFL, or other sports team play. Of course, when you are watching the game on a big screen, you get to enjoy some of the best picture quality you can get. That is one of the reasons why so many people have the DVD available when they want to watch it again. This is also one of the reasons why ” WCKD” is a great gift idea.