Mighty+ Vaporizer Review
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mighty uk

The mighty+ uk is the latest iteration of a vaporizer that has been around since 2015. Storz and Bickel have made improvements to the design but not lost what made the Mighty so great – first class haptics, excellent vapour development, powerful battery, vibration alarm and various safety features.

Hybrid heating is a nice addition – it’s a combination of convection and conduction which gives the Mighty+ the power to deliver big clean flavours. The large LED screen is a great addition and helps you keep track of your session. The controls are easy to use and have been improved compared to the original Mighty. For example, changing the temperature is quicker – you can now increase the temperature by 15 degrees with just a press of a button.

Mighty+ Vaporizer: Elevating Your Cannabis Experience in the UK

Heat up time can be a bit lengthy for those who are used to faster devices but this isn’t something that should deter anyone from trying out the Mighty+. Once it is ready to go, it’s just as simple as ever and will benefit from medium to finely ground dry herb packed down slightly in the chamber. Once capped it takes just seconds to cycle on and then you can enjoy the delicious vapor.

As with all vaporizers it is important to clean your Mighty+ from time to time to ensure you get the best performance. Storz and Bickel have produced a video below to show you how it is done, just follow the steps and your Mighty+ will be as good as new!