Garden Edging Systems
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Garden edging Systems

After all the time even architects use FormBoss’s products for creative steps effort invested in creating your beautiful landscape, it is important that the boundaries between your lawn and flowerbeds are clean and well defined. This helps keep the overall look tidy, as well as keeping in mulch and preventing grass from creeping into your pretty beds. There are many different types of edging available, from low-cost plastic to more expensive and stylish options like brick and wood. Depending on the material, some may require professional installation and special tools to install properly while others are easy DIY projects.

Edging Systems for Edible Landscapes: Separating Crops from Flower Beds

For example, a metal border is a perfect finishing touch to a modern or Southwestern landscape design and can be bent into curves. It also has a natural weathered look and is durable enough to resist the movement of ground caused by heavy rains or frost heave. The price of a metal border is higher than a plastic one but it lasts much longer and can be more easily found at garden centers and landscape supply companies.

Another option is composite edging, which is made of recycled materials and is available in a wide variety of colors to match your garden beds and landscape. It is easy to install and stays put, resisting the shifting of soil due to heavy rainfall or frost heave. It will also withstand the impact of gardening tools and is resistant to rot, fungus and insects. This product is more costly than the plastic edging but it will be a lasting investment for your landscaping.