EMDR Maryborough
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EMDR Maryborough

Eye EMDR hervey bay Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) is a specialized psychotherapeutic approach that has been proven effective in the treatment of trauma, phobias, panic attacks and other experience-based disorders. Developed in the 1980s, EMDR utilizes bilateral stimulation techniques and a guided recall process to help individuals desensitize to painful memories and reframe negative self-beliefs, resulting in emotional healing and improved well-being.

The first phase of EMDR involves gathering patient history and information. Your healthcare provider will ask about upsetting or disturbing experiences and memories you’d like to process, as well as how these experiences have impacted your life. They may also use this opportunity to educate you about EMDR and what to expect from sessions, as well as how to reduce stress between sessions.

Healing Trauma with EMDR in Hervey Bay: A Revolutionary Approach to Mental Health

During the EMDR reprocessing phase, your healthcare provider will have you recall a distressing memory while simultaneously engaging in bilateral stimulation. Depending on your preference, this may include the therapist holding their hand with two fingers extended in front of you and asking you to follow the tip of the finger from side to side with your eyes. Some therapists use alternatives to the finger movements, such as tapping on the hands or arms, using a device that pulses in your hands or earphones playing musical tones.

In the final installation phase, your healthcare provider will have you think about a positive belief that reduces distress when you think of a particular memory. This can be what you said in phase 3, or something new you identify in this step.