Coast College – A Family-Owned Business With Deep Ties to Customers, Partners and Suppliers
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Located in Orange coast co , California, Coast College is the leading transfer school in the region. With a focus on student success, we help students transform their lives through education and prepare for the future.

A family-owned business, our ties with customers, partners and suppliers are deep and long-standing. The company was founded on the principle that every client, big or small, deserves the same attention and great value. Today, that has not changed.

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From its beginnings as a livestock and meat-packing operation, Coast Packing Company evolved into a regional food-industry powerhouse. The company expanded into a full-scale processing plant slaughtering hogs brought in by railroad from the Midwest and producing a variety of pork products including the iconic Ol’ Smokey brand. The company also operated a fleet of steamships that hauled coal from mines on the coast to coastal cities and ports.

This collection contains photographs of Pacific Coast Company mining, steamship and rail operations in Washington, Oregon, California, and Alaska. The photographs include images of piers, coal bunkers, and passenger and freight railway depots on or near company property.

Johnnie brings over 10 years of purchasing and supply chain experience to the team. He is responsible for increasing the presence of South Coast and its products in markets both domestically and internationally. Previously, he served as Senior Global Account Manager for Solazyme, a San Francisco biotechnology company. Prior to that, he worked as a senior business development executive for a chemical distribution company.