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Penis Envy Mushroom Spores

penis envy mushroom spores

penis envy mushroom spores are a type of psilocybe cubensis. They are a very potent psychedelic. The mushroom spores are available for purchase at various locations. However, the mushrooms are illegal to grow in most jurisdictions.

These mushrooms are known to increase feelings of intense euphoria, as well as a range of psychological, emotional, and spiritual effects. It can also help reduce symptoms of clinical depression and addiction.

The penis envy mushroom is a very hard to grow. Unlike other magic mushrooms, the spores can be difficult to harvest. Usually, only 10% of the spores will fall off the fungus. Therefore, it is not recommended for newcomers to psychedelics to try them.

Although penis envy is commonly considered the most powerful psilocybin-based mushroom, there are many other variations on the species. For example, there is the albino variety, which has a very striking shape and unique potency.

What Are the Varieties of Penis Envy Shrooms

The albino penis envy, also referred to as the blue penis envy, is a mutation of the original penis envy. While the original strain has a white cap, the albino variety has a bluish cap.

The albino variety is more dense and takes longer to mature. However, it is still one of the most highly sought after magic mushrooms in the world.

A number of people believe that Terence McKenna, a noted ethnobotanist, was responsible for the discovery and creation of the albino strain. However, it is still unknown whether or not the albino variety actually originated from the original Penis Envy.


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