Electro hydraulic Valves Set To Replace Traditional Ones In The Market

Traditional hydraulic valves have now been improved upon by introducing new features like advanced electrical controls. Electrically operated valves now control how much hydraulic fluid is moved to the motor. When compared to basic directional valves, the direction and position can be better controlled. The more controllable the valve setting, more accurate the result would be.

The electro valves are high performance and are classified as proportional valves and servo valves. Aerospace industry uses servo valves. Cranes or the construction industry uses proportional valves. The valves provide accurate mechanism to either control the flow or to control the pressure.

When deployed in a system, both direction and flow control valve may be required when using traditional method. Energy used is not directly proportional to the load. While using electro hydraulic methods, energy used can be adjusted depending upon the load. The valve requirement is combined into a single unit with either flow or pressure adjustment.