How To Create A WordPress Website – WordPress Trivia

How to create a WordPress website? This is how you create websites using WordPress. First let us explore a bit about WordPress history. Released in 2003, WordPress is primarily a Content Management System that is free to use under the open source model. Its main features are a blog template and a plug-in based architecture. As of January 2015, more than 23.3% of the 10 million top rated websites were using WordPress. It is the most popular blogging system used; with its presence felt in more than 60 million websites. Current stable release is 4.3.1 and a major release is planned in December 2015.

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Samsung 840Pro 128GB: Power Saving Performance

SSD cards are a safe and compact way of storing data. Technology has made SSDs so compact that they run on low power without sacrificing on performance. Samsung 840Pro 128GB SSD has been a much looked-into drive that offers high performance at low power. The SSD has thermal guard monitors that ensure drive to be working under optimal operating temperature and is equipped with NAND technology which is planar that has density limits unlike the latest and advanced 3D V-NAND architecture incorporated in the 850Pro series.


The 840Pro series Flash memory delivers maximum read and write performance in sequential and random ways which is more evident in the 128GB model. This model outperforms similar models by 80MB in writing speed. The SSD has enhanced RAPID mode to make reading and writing smoother, added by the Magician software, paving way for high performance. This is an SSD that has endurance for a longer time using very less power with undeterred efficiency.

Complete Business Solution With Dynamics Nav

Microsoft Dynamics Nav is the number one choice for businesses around the world for their ERP solutions. The reason for its popularity is its ease of use. This simple, smart and innovative platform has helped many a small and medium sized businesses to grow into huge multinational organizations. Its functionality provides end to end solution for all processes that a business needs to nurture and grow. Even the most niche of business can use the software as it can be easily adapted to suit local needs and customizations can be done to add applications and online business capabilities. It makes resources more effective and companies more efficient. It is a complete business solution covering all major aspects of a service or a manufacturing organization. It will assist you with human resource, finance, accounting, sales and distribution, supply chain management and distribution and more recently ecommerce functions. Entire suite of ERP system can well adapt to any kind of business. Learn more about dynamics nav from

Electro hydraulic Valves Set To Replace Traditional Ones In The Market

Traditional hydraulic valves have now been improved upon by introducing new features like advanced electrical controls. Electrically operated valves now control how much hydraulic fluid is moved to the motor. When compared to basic directional valves, the direction and position can be better controlled. The more controllable the valve setting, more accurate the result would be.

The electro valves are high performance and are classified as proportional valves and servo valves. Aerospace industry uses servo valves. Cranes or the construction industry uses proportional valves. The valves provide accurate mechanism to either control the flow or to control the pressure.

When deployed in a system, both direction and flow control valve may be required when using traditional method. Energy used is not directly proportional to the load. While using electro hydraulic methods, energy used can be adjusted depending upon the load. The valve requirement is combined into a single unit with either flow or pressure adjustment.